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Tuesday, 8 February 2011


We crash onto the ground
And all is silent, except, the rustling of leaves,
The disquietude in my heart.
And all is sweet, except, the taste of tobacco
Mingling with the cooling air.
And all is calm, except, the teeming of pestilent thoughts
Of your salacious smile.
And all is bright, except, the rapid-darkening night
as our lips lock...

Then I awake.

© Florence Challender 2011


  1. Wow- I expected you would be good, but that's actually awe-inspiring! (It's Fern by the way :D)
    Bloody brilliant stuff- i wish you all the best getting published- if I find any good contacts (bloody unlikely but there you go!) I will definitely put a word in :D x

  2. Love is foolish excuse for failure
    Failure to break away from this agony
    You burned my innocence
    Tormented my fragile soul
    This gay love is far from reality
    Staged your emotions just to lay with me
    You were my best buddy
    Now you are my worst enemy

    -- just a simple, dark, painful truth dedicated to my ex boyfriend.


  3. Your writing is intense and lyrical. Love it!

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  5. I watch you fall.
    I watch you cry.
    I watch you ache.
    I watch you die.

    I watch you bleed.
    I watch you now.
    I don't sprint for help;
    I know I'm a cow.

    I watch you stutter;
    You need help.
    You look at me,
    And then you yelp.

    I watch you sob.
    I watch you hurt.
    I don't help you;
    Your name is Kurt.

    Once before,
    In this very same spot,
    You stood watching me,
    You didn't give a toss.

    You watched me fall.
    You watched me cry.
    You watched me ache.
    You watched me die.

    - just a poem wrote about a guy called Kurt - go figure - who is very mean. But when I was cutting myself - I do that alot (i'm a bit of an emo) - in the playground, and I cut further down than intended and got rushed to hospital. This guy Kurt just stood there laughing. So then, couple of days later, he fell over this rusty nail and had to be rushed to hospital. While he was screaming and crying and writhing in pain, I just stood there, a smirk on my face. I might be mean, but I enjoy revenge.

  6. BeautifulAnd Rach LOL! ANd love the poem 2!

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