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Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Death in its complexity will wage war and rage
and whilst Eros persists, it's Thanatos who prevails
can't silence the skeptic that plagues the mind
life and its longevity stretched before my eyes.

"The casket calls, put this demon to rest!
A heavy-hearted sigh heaved from my chest
the poison that tricks my vision, the cynic that shrieks
all hope remains hidden while desolation creeps.
My mouth is stitched shut to stop stupid words leaking
reduced to nothing but a willow weeping...
too much love carelessly discarded, too many fantasies entertained
I crumble into depravity and my soul is stained."

Death whispers to me in his dulcet tones
of a world underground for those whose life has left their bones,
a place where the restless sleep.
His cold breath on my neck causes a shiver to slither.
I long to reach out in a sombre embrace
his icy hands relieve me of life's lingering trace,
I breathe in his cloth of cobwebs and he closes my eyes,
no longer a spectator to life's horrors and lies,
as he lies me down on his soil-lined bed.

Death in its finery and splendour is all I could ask for
as I crush velvet between my fingertips and examine the well-polished wood.
So much time laid aside to honour my end,
for in this my eternity I shall spend.

© 2010 Florence Challender


Tell me, if you will, if I've failed... for caring not enough?
A string of hearts trampled upon
spat words of affection with nauseous disdain,
such feelings surely spawn from weakness?
I sought gratification in flesh, in vein
"swill down the guilt and lament tomorrow"
And how soon tomorrow comes...

I tried to resist like man delays death
but my bark had no bite against your raging light,
how you softened a heart unflinching
and blinded my wandering eye.
But to have so naively thought you felt the same
now it's my heart that's taken to the slaughter
won't you rinse me down of love's bloody shame?
Tell me, if you will, if I've failed... for caring far too much?

© 2010 Florence Challender

Monday, 15 February 2010


a collective thanks to everyone for the supportive feedback. It's been an incentive to post more seeing as they've been received well!