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Saturday, 25 July 2009

17 (Acedia)

Sloth's stranglehold
a curse and a crutch.
It is a vision of life through a mud speckled monocle.
Pandora's box unveiled.
Dark-winged parasites take refuge in my head
but to stimulate my apathy,
is to place me in the ground.
Inside my monster, robbed of its soul
lies a sleeping clown.

© 2009 Florence Challender


Your love, you said
was fatal
it engulfed its recipients,
sucked them in.
Your passion, you said
was furious
a tempest,
with static electric fingertips.
Your lust, you said
was intoxicating
the dependable trickster
left them in ruins.
My lust, I said
was bottle bred
my passion, I said
was momentary.
But my love, I said
was you

© 2009 Florence Challender