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Sunday, 3 May 2009


I have memories which drift among the debris,
and painful realisations I cannot shift
I have guilt pangs which cause so much nocturnal
I have regrets which eat up every accomplishment,
I have wistful fancies that keep me blindly optimistic
and a realist that keeps me not grounded,
but underground.
I have terms I'm reluctant to come to
and dreams which have morphed into delusions,
that I like to escape into..
I have wars I could win with an axe through one eye
and wars I lost before the other side even tried.
I have nagging doubts which choose to resurface
and hatred that runs so deep
my wrath whimpers to be unleashed,
I'm in pursuit of vengeance
and Thor is no match for my thunder..

© 2009 Florence Challender

1 comment:

  1. This is something real.Something dat i Can feel,,..all things dat seems confusing to a person have been relised by you and expressed so nicely..true man You are aesome its see my poems on dat community on FB titled under "small prose" and comment