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Sunday, 3 May 2009


Crimson is seeping into her cheeks,
her crown of flames licks at her face.
She watches the siren, she aches "How she
speaks with such ease, how men fall at her feet
her moves are hypnotic, but her smile speaks of sin
and he's mine!"
Her topaz eyes flicker, dissolve into lime
she can taste the bitterness in her words
as she contemplates the crime
she can feel the hot, red rapids hurtling through her veins
Choking on her eagerness to spit her acidic words
reeling as her nerves are racked, her spine shakes
Her predatory string goes with a snap, "How I
slink with such ease, how prey fall at my feet
my eyes are hypnotic, my lips tingle with sin
and he's mine!"
She marks Cupid's demise as the arrow strikes
with a skillful slice through the air,
to lacerate the flesh of the unsuspecting target
and bring her to a sanguine end
As the room fills with hushed words of the carmine
she looks at the lifeless corpse
and a single blistering tear falls from her eye

© 2009 Florence Challender


  1. It takes skill to make that arousing. Delightfully dark mind you have.

  2. A very wicked poem...