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Monday, 2 August 2010


No death bed convert shall I make,
The heretic soul in me would only baulk at the prospect
These eyes have swallowed too much truth and the twinkling of faith has long expired.

No, I shall shirk no shame of my last ill-spent moments
Nor shall I deplore my trespasses,
For my neighbours are as Godless as I.
I shall quell all thoughts foreboding to wander to a place “hereafter”,
Pray, what could it offer?

This life’s a false promise-
A world where rich feasts on poor,
woman treads in the shadow of man,
And love shrivels in the hands of fate.

No, I shall abandon him before he abandons me
I know I am expendable, but He?

I shall butcher my heart and serve it up on the altar-
A mere returning of the favour,
For all the last breaths snatched by his avaricious grasp.
I’ll beg him for his worst, for one of Gabriel’s own to smite me down with a blow that could bring the castles of heaven crashing...

This is my exodus from a world in tatters;
Evil shall no more pluck the ripest fruits of Good’s labour,
As the lamb heart coils up with the dragons.

© Florence Challender 2010


  1. it fills my heart with dread, to fell the pain against god ,but not knowing to believe, to know you do wrong, and you know you did not,the triales and tribulations of one minds, the confessions of a lost soul,I just want to cry out in pain.annihilated rip to shreds oh sweet death comes for me, take me now, for you do not come, to get me and I loath you, I smite thy, for i will have my revenge,against all that pain I live on a daily basis feeds my hunger to my long lost friend purgatory,come to me my friend ,it has been a long long time for me and you.that we held each other close,I dream of the abyss,so dark and voided of the nothingness of my soul.

  2. It's as though good vs evil is fighting for all thats good in the world, taking all thats left and leaving nothing behind but utter darkness where surviers linger and wandering in the and at the hands of his mercy; gaberiel's hand smiting all thats left to parish and burn in fire to cleasnse all and watchng as lives burn and fall into nothing but the abyss of souls wheres nothing lives but only death beckoning with hands that coil around life and leaving nothing behind. For more check out my site: ; with poems and recipes that feed the mind

  3. the blood of a lover shed once again
    your life has dissapread beneath a sheild of dread,
    the one the only way out
    through the pain you once could not live without.
    And now you wait for another day. another way.
    To gain that love again.
    The only ture love that you lost and will never find again.
    The hatred that you feel to the ones who made you lose them
    is one like never before
    it burning and burning and will consume you untill there is no more love or happiness left.
    And so you wait for another day. another way.

    i wrote this for everyone who has lost their one true love and has never forgotten them.:)

  4. Kezza Heavymetalballerina27 December 2011 at 14:21

    Ilove you work. Anonymous ur work too is great. I myself writes things like that theyre no where near as good as you two's but they still help expres how deep i can be.. People say i am scarey because the stuf i write is 'weird'i totally disagree with them. Things like you two's work really inspires me. Xx