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Monday, 8 June 2009


Instinctively my fingers are outstretched,
poised to touch the rosiest apple
to tear the fruit from the loom
to feed my appetite for curiosity.
I take,
I eat.
It's flesh is bittersweet
it's bite tastes of my decay
the liquor of knowledge, a thorough depressant
trickles from my tainted lips.
My sin falls from my hand
and lies on Eden's jewelled floor
Oh I am awash with gluttonous guilt
stolen innocence,
now I am living on borrowed evil.

© 2009 Florence Challender


  1. Hi florence, I'm selecting poets for a piece on gothinc poetry to go on an online magazine being launched in July. I love this peace and wondered if I could feature it on the site.

    Violete Nlandu Ngoy
    please contact me on

  2. The sin of Eden. The forbidden fruit and the tree of knowledge, and the bitter consequences. Certainly you managed to show the scene in perfection